Right time to change a job?

360_Right time to change a job

“Squeeze the company before it squeezes you”

What do we expect from our employer? (Primarily) Monthly salary? I don’t believe monthly salary is enough!!!

We are not just working; in fact, we are putting our present (current time) to gain skills to sustain for future.

I have seen we get in love with a company so much that we forgot where the current career path will lead in our future.

We forget the technology landscape as well…

How many of us have gone to our managers and boldly conveyed to our manager– “YOU DON’T PROVIDE ME SALARY HIKE and PROGRESSION but I WANT TO WORK ON xyz RECENT TECHNOLOGY.” – might be very few of us. Even though after communicating this message to our manager how many of us got the success? – again percentage reduces…

We are in love with salary hike and progression (so called Lead, Manager, Architect and DM etc) – these things are nothing but carrot for us by our self or by the employer.

Salary hike and progression (so called Lead, Manager, Architect and DM etc) or anything (which takes us away from Technology skills) are the scissors with which we our self or employer cut our wings. And eventually we failed to take a good leap/jump in our career.

If we follow the technology then money and progression will follow automatically but vice versa is not true.

Being in recent technology (of the time) is the wing to fly. We cut our own wings by compromising on technology. Eventually we crawl instead of flying in our career..

Being in recent technology (of the time) is like having a golden hen with us.

At any point if we feel that our technology wings are being cut or the golden hen is in danger then…. it’s time to change the job within or outside the current organization.

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